Maria Kong received her Classical Pilates Certification through Pilates Punx, completing her program in 2023.

Maria’s clients can expect a challenging and fun class –  and expect a lot of static holds! She would love to be thought of as an instructor that “kicks ass” and delivers a hard class but also urges clients to respect their bodies and she’s ready to offer plenty of modifications. Maria personally loves leaving a class feeling that she worked hard (within reason) and wants to deliver that as an instructor.


Maria’s goal as an instructor is to continue growing and learning to be the best instructor that she can be for her clients! Aside from personally loving to do Pilates, Maria knows that it is very important to keep up with her own practice and continue to educate herself in order to understand the workouts that she is having others do. It is easy to get wrapped up in teaching but not always doing the work within your own body – Maria never wants to feel disconnected in that sense. Also, another goal is to keep her sessions interesting and different every time!

Favorite Bands:

Alice in Chains
The Ramones
Tame Impala