Lauren Marks completed her 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates Teaching Certification from Club Pilates in West Hollywood, CA in 2021 and specializes in Contemporary Pilates.

Lauren’s style leans towards athletic and contemporary. Her favorite classes are always the ones where she feels like she was pushed harder than she would have pushed herself, so she tries to bring that to her clients when she teaches them.  Lauren likes to really feel the workout and love being creative and fun when writing her class flows. She’ll write things that she also loves to do. As long as it’s safe for her client’s body, she enjoy giving that extra push!

Lauren’s goal as an instructor is to help people feel stronger in their bodies and really start to connect to their physical self in a new and positive way. She personally has a number of injuries and didn’t feel anything positive physically for so long – she didn’t think she’d ever be able to do the things that she can now do. Pilates changed everything for her. Not only helping physically, but also mentally. Lauren now wants to share that with people.

Favorite Songs:

(because bands/artists are too hard to choose)
Bad Brains – Banned in DC
Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells
Generation X – Untouchables
Ozzy Osbourne – Steal Away (The Night)
Judas Priest – Heading Out to the Highway