“[Punk] was something which brought people together, so they realized something was possible”

– Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks)


What do people think when they think of “Punk”

Lifestyle – Growing up I’ve always hung out with the punk rockers, the drinkers, the smokers, the rock ‘n roll party lifestyle.  I’ve always been on the cusp of this, hanging out and playing shows, but not partaking in the substances.  I was a closet exerciser – I was eating healthy and going to the gym during the day while all of my friends were fighting off last night’s hangover.

Fast-forward 10 years, they went from being anti-fitness to realizing that their bodies were no longer treating them as well as they used to.  My party friends started seeking a healthier element to their lifestyle – but that doesn’t mean you have to dive in and become that narcissistic cross-fitting namaste yoga bendy vegan person that makes you cringe every time you open up a social media page.  Pilates Punx is about keeping your punk rock love within you, but feeling more like Bruce Dickenson when you’re in your 60’s rather than being Axl Rose panting on stage at the 2002 MTV Music Awards.

Music   Music is motivating: it creates a mood, a drive, and a soundtrack for everything in life.  Music is essential to peak performance and a satisfying workout but there ain’t no place for Enya in my life.  Or other music that is written for an elevator.  Why not take Pilates classes and one on one sessions while listening to rock, punk, and metal?!  Get that adrenaline pumping, work up a fun rhythm, and rock out your workout.  If you’re like me, maybe you depend on kick-ass beats to keep yourself motivated when exercising.  That’s because, aside from being entertainment, music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort, and may even promote metabolic efficiency.   

Pilates Punx videos and classes feature punk rock playlists!

Attitude  We have a DIY ethos – Pilates uses minimal machines, you use your own body and weight as a tool.  You can do Pilates anywhere!

“Punk rock is just another word for freedom.”

– Patti Smith

Style/Clothing – Workout clothes can suck.  Why do you have to trade in your favorite band shirts and black jeans for a nerdy tracksuit or the latest matching sweat-wicking set?  How about a one-stop shop for the coolest badass leggings, shorts, and pants paired with band shirts styled as workout tanks and tees, our own Pilates Punx screen prints.

Pilates Punx wants to create a style, much like the punk movement created a style.

.::. Shirts that have bands & artist prints on workout tank shells and t-shirts
.::. Leggings with cool patterns that can go from Pilates class to the Echo.  
.::. Unisex t-shirts and sweatshirts – Pilates Punx strives to appeal to men and women

Visit our Shop or see our selection the studio!!

Counterculture – Pilates Punx isn’t about boasting about a cultish exercise lifestyle.  It isn’t about what’s basic, trendy, or the latest “in” thing.  Let’s face it – Pilates is old.  It’s been around longer than the Punk movement itself.  Pilates is a mind/body connection and it helps you with your everyday movements, as well as getting you in shape.  It’s physical therapy, it’s not the trendy fad diet, it’s not the latest fitness craze.  It’s about staying true to yourself while unlocking a deeper understanding of your own body.

Aesthetic – The Pilates Punx style carries through our studio’s aesthetic. The studio’s framed record jackets, black and purple yoga mats, our checkerboard floor, classic reformers, and more!

“Punk rock is a word used by dilettantes and heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies, and the bodies, and the hearts, and the souls, and the time, and the minds of young men who give what they have to it… I don’t know Johnny Rotten, but I’m sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did. What sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise is in fact the brilliant music of a genius — myself. And that music is so powerful that it’s quite beyond my control, and when I’m in the grips of it I don’t feel pleasure and I don’t feel pain, either physically or emotionally.”

— Iggy Pop

“The same can be said for exercise – energy, body, heart, soul, time, blood, and sweat.”

– Allie Justice, Pilates Punx Empress