30 Day Pre-Holiday Challenge!



There’s no denying that this year has been rough.  From starting 2021 thinking it would be better than 2020 orders to fluctuation with work, businesses being closed, fear and anxiety over getting sick, worrying about loved ones, feeling alone, being around people too much, not getting to travel, new settings, having too much free time, not having structure, not knowing how to get into the groove of a home workout… it’s been a lot.

It’s been hard to connect, it’s been hard to get alone time, it’s been hard for SO MANY reasons and now the holidays are quickly approaching and they are always so stressful!

Pilates Punx wants to help ease you move your body with a little support and encouragement to take care of yourself, which is why we are presenting the 30 Day Challenge.

I invite you to join me in this challenge.

What does the PRE-HOLIDAY challenge look like?

It’s a 30 Day calendar of:

  • Daily movement videos – all Pilates-based, but we’ll have a range of videos from quick workouts to full-length classes, morning stretches, and area-specific focused videos – this is meant to encourage MOVEMENT, but not guilt if you don’t have the time to get a whole class in – that’s why we’ve got a variety – the challenge is a video a day, but some videos are shorter so that you don’t have an excuse to forget about YOU
  • Weekly Meal Ideas/Plans – this is less a set rule for food, but more of a reflection on how to listen to our bodies.  I have a lot of allergies, so I would never wish my “ideal” (eye roll @ you GI doc & allergist) diet upon anyone due to all of the restrictions – seriously – lactose intolerant, wheat and egg allergies…what’s left for breakfast?  But this is a place where I will share with you a rough outline of eating that allows for hopefully less guilt and more enjoyment as all the treats are appearing around us
  • Some Pilates Punx check-ins so that you know I’m pushing myself right along with you – I’ll be writing some blog entries and checking in all along the way.  I’m right here with you all, so please check in with me too and tell me how it’s going and how you’re caring for yourself!

This challenge will offer workouts when we need them, reminders when we need them, and movement that isn’t always about working hard, but reminding ourselves to slow down, de-stress, and treat our bodies well.

So – please, take me up on this challenge, please join my 30 Day Pre-Holiday Challenge, and challenge your friends to do it too.  This is a challenge for me too, I need to lead by example, so I’ll be eating more mindfully, moving daily, drinking less, and most importantly: beating myself up less.  I’m a work in progress, I promise.  But I will still kick your butts into 2022 – HARD.

Ready to sign up?  SIGN UP HERE!