Vanessa Smith has been certified to teach Pilates since 2011. She completed her Pilates Teaching certification in 2011 from Core Pilates NYC and specializes in Classical Pilates.

Vanessa’s teaching style has a strong emphasis on proper form and alignment; she strives to safely challenge her clients to work towards a balance of strength and flexibility in their body for whatever they may do outside the studio.

Her goal as an instructor is to be attentive to the body (or bodies) in front of her and their specific needs – to encourage someone to challenge themselves and learn more about their body through Pilates.  Also, to be a little funny so they have a good time while working hard!  Vanessa wants her clients to feel good mentally & physically after they walk out the door, and carry that along through their day.

Favorite bands/artists:
The Smiths
Alice Cooper
Dolly Parton

Honorable mentions: Pat Benatar, Le Tigre, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Santigold, MIA, Queen… the list could go on forever!