Pilates Certification Program


Our upcoming group starts on February 25, 2023 – located at our Echo Park Studio in Los Angeles – Space is limited – Sign-up taking place right now – Don’t wait!

Are you looking for a change? Want to deepen your Pilates practice? do you want to find a deeper mind/body connection?  Do you want to help and heal people? Need a change in your career?

Join us this February 2023, for our 475+ hour Classical Pilates certification program.

We focus on developing you as a teacher while exploring a full classical repertoire on the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, and Mat, with work exploring additional small apparatuses!

What do you get?

  • In-studio class workshops, divided into 5 levels for a manageable comprehensive learning experience
  • Learn how to teach, spot, cue, and deepen each exercise with modification options to learn how to teach any client, any level
  • Education on how to promote yourself as a Pilates professional and how to begin your career
  • The ins and outs of the business of being a Pilates instructor
  • Unlimited mentorship throughout the program
  • Unlimited access to a Pilates Studio throughout the program

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(See our FAQ below)

FAQ – 
How long does this certification program take?
The 5 Level workshops will take place over the course of about 40 weeks.  The hours that you complete outside of our workshops are self-scheduled, so some people will finish up in about that timeframe, while others may require additional time to complete their teaching hours after testing out.  Our program is designed to be somewhat self-paced and to set you up for success – but we know that you’ve got a life that happens outside of the studio.

How much is the investment?
The full out-of-pocket investment will be $7,000 – but don’t let that amount shock you – you’ll be earning while you’re in the program teaching your certification hours, meaning you’ll make back $3,000 of that total back – so it’s really almost half price!

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes!  We do require a deposit to lock in your spot and we are happy to work with you for a manageable payment plan.  A card on file will be required for this option.

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for the program?
We encourage prospective students to take classes or private sessions so that they know the material that they’ll soon be diving into.  You will be learning the exercises in your own body, so having a little bit of a Pilates base is a good idea, but if you want to hop in, sight unseen, and show a real promise – we won’t turn you away.

Why do I have to interview to join the program?  Isn’t my application and money enough?
Spots are limited in our program and we want to fill the spots with people who will work well in a group – you’ll be going through a long program as a small group and we want to make sure that the students who sign up are fully committed.  We don’t want to just take people’s money – we want to provide an enriching environment and part of that is to ensure that each student is ready for a commitment at this time.

Why is your program so long? I’ve seen some that are WAY cheaper and take WAY less time.
I hate to say it, but you get what you pay for.  Our certification is a comprehensive program that teaches you multiple apparatuses – we teach it all. So you won’t be looking at a partial learning program.  We teach you the ins and outs of the exercises, how to create a class or session that flows, how to modify exercises and make you a teacher who can teach anyone anywhere.  A lot of the programs that cost less are only good at one particular location/studio chain or on their particular machines.  We are helping you become a Pilates EXPERT!

What’s the difference between a Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates Certification?
That’s a great question – you can learn the difference between the two styles of Pilates here.
We’ve developed a program to teach you Joseph Pilates’ version of Pilates (what he taught at “Contrology”) so that you have the building blocks down before we show you a Contemporary flare. We see the importance and appeal of both, but we believe in the importance of having the first steps down before you mix it up.